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Interesting Vintage Rolex wristwatches

I have been collecting vintage wristwatches for many years.

Now, I have many interesting wristawatches for your viewing pleasure, sorry... Not for sale! I am only a watch lover and collector...not a dealer..

Hope you will enjoy visiting my site!

ROLEX is a trademark of ROLEX. is not an authorized ROLEX dealer, and does not deal in new Rolex products and cannot supply them in any form.

I love vintage waristwatches especially vintage Rolexes

My key focus of collection includes:

1. Rolex Prince
2. Rolex Bubbleback
3. Rolex Submariner & GMT

4. Rolex Explorer I & II
5. Rolex Daytonas

Please see my other web page on my vintage hifi collection for your viewing pleasure:

This picture shows some of the different bubblebacks...from solid gold to hooded, to stanless steel and half gold.


Rolex Bubbleback Collection

Different kinds of bubblebacks!