Role Bubbleback

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Rolex Bubbleback collection

The Rolex bubblebacks are one of the most intersting watches to collect as it was one of the functional automatics waristwatches from the 1930s!

It was produced from the 1930s - 40s and it has many sizes and made of different materials such as gold - (patented movement design and encased in their patented 'oyster' case.

The movement was very thick because it included a rotor that turned on a pivot to produce the power to wind the mainspring. The case back had to be manufactured in a rounded out shape in order to enclose the thick movement and rotor. Because of the rounded back, this model has come to be referred to as a 'bubbleback'.

Rolex continued to produce this self-winding chronometer movement and this basic case style for about 20 years. The cases were manufactured from various metals including stainless steel, solid gold and steel and gold. There were some variations in case style and the variations included models with both smooth and engine-turned bezels as well as models with hooded lugs. Since the case style varied little during the 20-year production period, the noticeable difference between bubblebacks is in the dial design.

Rolex produced a staggering array of dials including rare two-tone dials, black dials as well as pink and/or white dials, 24-hour military-style dials and an unusual dial with mixed Roman & Arabic numerals (see black dial at the right).
9k, 14k, 18k), steel, half gold.

The Rolex bubbleback is one of the most iconic and collectable vintage watch. These are getting harder and harder to find and many collectors are not selling the good working condition pieces!

Rolex Bubbleback

Prices of Rolex bubblebacks ranges from USD 1500 - 5000 depending on conditions, models, and materials used.

Hooded Rolex Bubbleback

The Rolex Hooded bubbleback was made for the American market

Description of Product

Rare solid gold hooded bubblecback


The classic!

Special steel Rolex semi bubbleback with stars dial!

Rolex watch with 9 Rolex Crown!

Unusual solid gold bombe Rolex with special dial with "9" Rolex crown.

Newspaper feature during my younger days!